What Is The Use Of The Large Flat Mirror In The Bathroom

- Nov 30, 2020-

People nowadays pay more and more attention to house decoration, from the overall layout to the decoration style, to the materials and furniture, everything is very elegant. However, many people neglect the decoration of the bathroom, causing many problems after long-term use.

Generally, when decorating, the bathroom will choose to set up warm light, which also leads to insufficient light in the bathroom. If makeup is required in the bathroom, the light cannot meet the requirements of the details of makeup.

There are a lot of daily necessities in the bathroom, and many people like to stock up. In addition, the area of the general bathroom is not too large, resulting in insufficient storage space in the bathroom! Especially for girls, there are a lot of bottles and cans, and the usage rate even reaches 2-3 times a day. It is very troublesome to put them in the locker below.

The bathroom is the wettest place in the house, and every time after the shower, the mirror will fog up because of the too much temperature difference. When I was young, I found it very interesting. You can paint on it. When I grow up I know how troublesome it is. Thing! If it is not clean, it will leave a watermark. Don't mention it!

Now smart homes are becoming more and more popular. From smart curtains to smart toilets, everything is convenient for people's lives. Today, the editor I want to recommend for everyone is the smart bathroom storage mirror cabinet! Does it feel amazing, even mirrors can be smart?

Smart bathroom storage mirror cabinets are different from ordinary bathroom mirrors in appearance. Ordinary bathroom mirrors are simple large planes and very monotonous, while smart bathroom storage mirror cabinets are very three-dimensional and look fuller.

In addition, ordinary bathroom mirrors will have various borders, while smart bathroom storage mirror cabinets are borderless, suitable for all home improvement style bathrooms, and the frameless design will give people a "borderless "The sense of sight.

Since it is a smart home, everyone must be more curious about its functions.

Before we talked about the common problems in the bathroom, the first one is insufficient light! The first function of this smart bathroom storage mirror cabinet solves this problem. Its intelligent stepless dimming function can be adjusted according to your needs, from 3000K orange light to 4000K warm white light, and then to 6000K The bright white light can be set by yourself. For girls who make up in the bathroom, the fill light effect is nothing!

At the same time, it also has a memory function. After each adjustment, it will maintain the previously adjusted mode when it is turned on again. If you need to re-adjust, just touch the switch under the mirror. Is it very user-friendly?

The second common problem of the above-mentioned bathroom is about insufficient storage space, which has also been effectively solved here!

The mirror surface is equivalent to three doors. Open the mirror panel and you will see the storage space inside, there are as many as 8! The partitions of different sizes meet the storage of items of different sizes. The largest compartment can easily put a maximum milliliter of laundry detergent, which meets the storage needs of the whole family.

There is also the problem of mirror fogging. In addition to the light switch on the mirror, there is also a touch switch for defogging. You can turn on the defogging function with a single touch. The principle is the same as that for the small ears on a car. It depends on heating. Treatment of water stains and mist.

This method effectively avoids the watermark during wiping and the waiting time for defogging, and the mirror surface is always clear and clean.

In addition to powerful functions for common problems in the bathroom, this smart bathroom storage mirror cabinet has many unexpected details.

The mirror surface of the smart bathroom storage mirror cabinet adopts a 4MM environmentally friendly silver mirror. This material uses silver nitrate as the coating, which will not oxidize, and is less prone to rust and mirrors. It also has higher definition than ordinary mirrors and is reflected by the object light source. The geometric angles are more standardized.

Of course, the cost of this silver mirror is unmatched by ordinary mirrors.

All the partitions in the mirror cabinet are thickened, 18mm in length, and the thickened shelf will have stronger bearing capacity, so the largest milliliters of laundry detergent can be safely put in, not to mention the delicate skin care of girls Product~

This smart bathroom storage mirror cabinet embodies professionalism and care in almost corners, like the invisible handle at the bottom, to avoid the risk of touching the mirror surface and getting the hand caught when switching.

As for the problem that the corners and corners are easy to bump, ABS corner guards are specially set here, so that even children at home can safely open and close the door. Even the problem of opening and closing the door too hard to produce a huge sound is also considered, so the silent hydraulic door hinge is designed.

There is also a stainless steel moisture-proof back panel, even if the bathroom is damp, you are not afraid! The light strip and the transformer that provide the light source on the top are also waterproof and absolutely safe.

The most important thing is that because the mirror surface and back panel are made of environmentally friendly materials, the entire mirror cabinet is completely odor-free, and can be used immediately after installation at home~

Even the mirror cabinet itself has been heightened to meet the needs of members of various heights in the family, and the heightened mirror surface will be more atmospheric than the short mirror surface, and it will look more advanced.

This smart bathroom storage mirror cabinet is specially set with many different sizes to meet the needs of different sizes of bathrooms.

Mirror cabinets of all sizes are 80cm high and 13cm deep, but the total width and door panel ratio are different.

If the area of the sink in your home is narrow, you can choose a single-door or two-door mirror cabinet. Take care to measure the wall size in advance and make certain reservations.

If the sink area in your home is larger and the population is larger, you can choose a three-door mirror cabinet, which has a larger storage space.

The more humane embodiment lies in its private customization function! From size to color, it is acceptable to specify. For example, the mirror cabinets we saw above are all brushed gray by default. If you want other colors, you can also specify by yourself.

When choosing the color, you can echo the home decoration style. For example, the black brushed is very textured and can correspond to the family with heavier decoration color, and the family with more wooden furniture can choose wood such as ebony, red pear and white oak Swatches.

Not only the color and size customization, we can also choose a customized USB socket, which is more practical, and it is also more secure for international brands. The default position of the socket is also planned. Is it particularly worry-free?

The way of connecting the wire has been considered for you~ Just follow the suggested wiring diagram to install it, it saves worry and effort, absolutely lazy gospel~

We can look at the effect after the actual installation, it is very atmospheric, and the mirror surface is very clear. The two touch switches are very obvious. When you turn on the light switch, you can find that the area of the light source is large and the illumination intensity is also strong.

As for the storage that everyone is most concerned about, it can be seen at a glance. Just behind a mirror, there are no less than 40 bottles and cans, and it is not very crowded. You can imagine how many things can be put in a three-door mirror cabinet!