What Are The Types Of Bathroom Mirrors

- May 23, 2020-

The mirror is very common in our lives, and its shadow is also indispensable in the natural bathroom. It can be convenient for us to wash our makeup, and it has both practicality and strong decoration.

What are the types of bathroom mirrors

1. In terms of its shape, it has rectangle, square, ellipse, egg circle and other shapes. If its shape is a single whole, then our common styles include mirror edging and mirror carving. According to its appearance, it can be divided into three types: large bath mirror, table mirror, and embedded bath mirror. Next, let's learn more about these three kinds of mirrors.

2. Large bath mirror. This kind of mirror is more popular, but it has certain requirements for bathroom space.

3. Table mirror (makeup mirror). This kind of mirror is relatively small and can be used as a vanity mirror. We can put it directly on the dressing table or fix it on the wall by a horizontally retractable bracket.

Bathroom mirror

4. Embedded bath mirror. This kind of mirror means that during the construction process, we ask woodworkers to make embedded small wall cabinets in the bathroom space, and then stick the cut mirror on the cabinet door. This kind of mirror saves space and is convenient to use at the same time. Even if we close the door, it can be used as a wall bath mirror. Open the cabinet door to put small items such as daily medicines, bath supplies, and cosmetics.

How to match the bathroom mirror

1. Generally speaking, oval and round mirrors are more suitable for European and Mediterranean styles, which can create a romantic atmosphere for the space, while square ones are more suitable for more generous and classic bathroom atmospheres such as implicit, American, and Chinese. Different frame materials can create a retro or modern or simple meaning.

2. In terms of size and color, the color of its border should be the same as the color of the theme such as the space wall when we select it. Its size is more suitable in 500-600mm, except for the floor-standing bathroom mirror, of course, the thickness is about 8mm, but if the bath mirror is too thin, it is easy to burst and break.

Because it can play a good decorative role and has a good practicality, we must coordinate with the style of the space when we match it. Each combination will receive a wonderful effect, adding a distinctive charm to the bathroom.