What Are The Selection Techniques For Bathroom Cabinets?

- Oct 19, 2019-

There are many styles and materials of bathroom cabinets on the market, so you should carefully identify them when you purchase them. What are the selection techniques for bathroom cabinets? Let's get to know it together.

1. Look at the material: When selecting the bathroom cabinet, the waterproof function is the first element. To choose a bathroom cabinet made of materials with better moisture resistance, such as bathroom cabinet with poor moisture resistance, it is easy to make mold and breed bacteria, and the materials with good moisture resistance are commonly used: multi-layer solid wood board, solid wood, hard PVC board.

2, look at the hardware: the big brand of bathroom cabinets generally choose imported hardware accessories, the quality is more assured, feel and seal better.

3, look at the countertop: the countertop of the bathroom cabinet is the place that is exposed to the outside world and the most worn, so the bathroom countertop must choose a material that is hard and not easily damaged. Common countertops on the market are stainless steel, marble, and artificial marble.

4, look at the space utilization: see if the storage space is practical.

5, look at the brand and after-sales: generally good bathroom cabinet manufacturers will set the corresponding after-sales, once the product has any problems that can not be solved, we can go to the relevant manufacturers according to the vouchers, carry out the corresponding warranty and other work.

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