Waterproof Cabinet Related Introduction

- May 02, 2019-

Anti-mildew and insect-repellent: The first introduction of aviation magnesium-aluminum alloy substrate surface coating DuPont automotive paint, successfully overcome the defects of wooden bathroom cabinets, but it is not waterproof, mildewproof and insect-proof. The pure stainless steel bathroom cabinet is simple in style and style. The industrial problems of a single grade are not high, and the bathroom cabinet is waterproof, durable, elegant and elegant.

Lightweight and tough: The cabinet panel creatively uses a low-carbon, environmentally-friendly metal honeycomb structure to achieve a light, tough, and never deformed bathroom cabinet.

Mute function: all the drawers and cabinet doors use damping mute rail/door hinge. The high-end products are quoted from Germany imported Heidi poetry luxury damping mute rail/door hinge. The opening and closing is light and close without sound, creating a comfortable and soft quiet for the user. space.

Humanized storage function: Based on the study of the storage needs and usage habits of many consumers, the humanized design of the bathroom storage space has successfully realized the “small space and large storage” of the cabinet products, and creatively launched A variety of user-friendly new bathroom products such as stool cabinets, balcony laundry cabinets, and toilet cabinets.

Passivated safety corners: The corners of the cabinet door and the drawer door are installed with passivated safety corners. The round and beautiful appearance protects the user's safety. The most sincere care always reflects the most subtleties.

Refrigerator type sealing strip: According to the technical principle of the refrigerator sealing strip, the highly active adsorbing material is used to greatly improve the sealing performance of the cabinet door, prevent foreign matter such as dust and insects from entering the cabinet, and ensure the cleaning and sanitation of various toiletries.

Five styles of design: Vick bathroom blends ancient and modern classic art in bathroom product design. The appearance of the product includes European neo-classical, Chinese neo-classical, modern minimalism, rural pastoral, post-modern and many other styles, covering the interior and exterior decoration of today and outside. The mainstream style.