There Are So Many Exquisite Choices For Bathroom Mirrors? In Addition To Round And Square, There Are Actually Flower-shaped

- Mar 06, 2021-

Every family has, or even more than one, bathroom mirrors. It can be called a savior for small apartments, especially for families with relatively small bathroom space. After the bathroom mirror is installed, the visually larger space will instantly become larger.

Mirrors have appeared in ancient times, but they were bronze mirrors at that time. With the development of the times, mirrors have more and more styles and their functions have become more powerful. They are still very smart today.

It is precisely because the bathroom mirror has more functions, it is very tangled when choosing it. Many friends will say, isn't it just a piece of glass?

Just choose one that has a beautiful appearance and fits your size!

Although it seems to be a small mirror, you are still very particular about the choice. If you choose a bad choice, it will seriously affect the experience of life in the future.

When choosing a bathroom mirror, you must first find out its material. The most common ones on the market are aluminum mirrors and silver mirrors. Because of the different materials, the clarity and moisture resistance are different.

The mirror surface of the aluminum mirror is white and the reflectance is not very high, so the definition will be worse. Because the aluminum layer and the glass are not tightly fitted, moisture will enter it, and the mirror surface will be deformed after a long time, but the price is relatively cheap.

Compared with aluminum mirrors, the editor recommends silver mirrors. Although the price is slightly higher than aluminum mirrors, the experience is very good. The reflectivity of the aluminum mirror is high, so the image is clearer, the mercury density is higher, the fit is better, and the moisture resistance is also better.

Bathroom mirrors with different functions

After determining the bathroom mirror material, the next step is to choose the style according to the function. Some bathroom mirrors are very functional. Let's take a look at the most common ones.

Now the most popular bathroom mirror with led lights is not only with adjustable lights, but also displays time and temperature on it. This design is too user-friendly. Putting on makeup in front of such a mirror is simply enjoyable. .

For families with relatively small bathroom space, they pay more attention to storage when choosing. You can choose a style with a shelf. It is convenient to store toiletries directly on the shelf.

Of course, for small partners with cleanliness or obsessive-compulsive disorder, it is best to choose a bathroom mirror with storage cabinet, which not only has the storage function, but also does not affect the cleanliness of the bathroom space.

When choosing a bathroom mirror with strong storage, you should pay special attention to the division of functional areas. 80% of the storage space is private and 20% is open. This design is the most reasonable. In addition, the storage area of some bathroom mirrors is built in front of the mirror. It is recommended that you do not choose this type, which not only blocks the line of sight, but also appears cluttered.

Ease of cleaning

Bathroom mirrors are used every day, and are generally installed above the sink, so they are easily splashed with water droplets and stains. If you want to use it conveniently, you must consider the difficulty of cleaning the mirror.

When cleaning the mirror surface, do not wipe it with a wet cloth to avoid moisture intrusion. It is best to wipe it with a soft dry cloth or cotton. Of course, you can also buy a bathroom mirror with its own cleaning function, which saves time and effort.

How to choose hanging and landing

The installation of bathroom mirrors is also worthy of everyone's consideration. The installation of bathroom mirrors can be mounted on the floor or on the floor. When installing bathroom mirrors, you should decide according to the layout of your own bathroom.

If the bathroom space is relatively small and there is a lot of white space on the wall, it is recommended that when installing the mirror, it is best to hang it on the wall, which not only has a high degree of cleanliness, but also has no safety problems.

Of course, if the bathroom area is relatively large and there is enough space on the ground, the bathroom mirror can be installed in a floor-to-ceiling manner. Of course, the choice of mirror will be slightly larger, so that even the fitting mirror is saved.

However, it is not recommended for families with children to use the floor-mounted installation method, because the mirror cannot be completely fixed to the ground. When the child is playing, it is easy to bump into the mirror, and even more serious situations occur.