The Trend Of The Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Industry In 2021

- Jan 19, 2021-

Antibacterial sanitary ware is more concerned

In recent years, with the trend of consumption upgrading, "health" has always been a hot topic in the sanitary ware industry. Affected by the epidemic, people have a stronger and more urgent need for healthy home furnishings, and they pay more attention to antibacterial properties when buying sanitary products. Antibacterial bathroom has become a new trend in the bathroom market.


In order to cater to market demand and provide consumers with high-quality, healthy and comfortable bathroom life experience, Yigao sanitary wares, adhering to the rigorous and meticulous "exquisite and precise" quality culture, taking antibacterial sanitary ware as the product development orientation, driving the overall upgrade of products, and releasing An antibacterial bathroom cabinet with stain removal and antibacterial rate of 99.9%.

bathroom vanity cabinet

In addition, Flysnow Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. and its partner companies jointly launched a full range of antibacterial sanitary products such as antibacterial faucets, antibacterial showers and antibacterial hardware accessories, which effectively prevent the growth of bacteria in the bathroom space and comprehensively protect each A family's healthy bathroom life.

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Integrated bathroom has become the general trend of engineering decoration

The development of prefabricated buildings is of great significance to the industrialization of housing, and is an important national development plan and the general trend. During the fight against the epidemic at the beginning of the year, Leishenshan Hospital and Huoshenshan Hospital were built in only about 10 days. While the world was amazed by the "speed of China", it also highlighted Chinese assembly technology.

With the continuous promotion and popularization of hardcover rooms, prefabricated integrated bathrooms have already begun to emerge. After the early market brewing, into 2021, the prefabricated integrated bathroom will undoubtedly be the most dazzling "new star" in the project.

Prefabricated integrated bathroom

Looking forward to 2021, in the home improvement retail market and engineering market, antibacterial sanitary ware and integrated sanitary ware have become the most heated topics and will surely lead the new trend of the sanitary ware industry. With the first-mover advantage, Flysnow Sanitary Ware constantly optimizes quality and service under the support of emerging fashion brand power and product power, helps people create a better life, and continues to play an industry benchmark role!