The Feng Shui Of Installing Mirrors In The Bathroom Is Exquisite

- Mar 16, 2021-

Many people now install a lot of mirrors in their homes, especially in the bathroom. They usually install mirrors. But what many people don't know is that the bathroom actually has a lot of feng shui mirrors. If you don’t pay attention, it may affect your personal fortune. Here is the introduction of I Ching Feng Shui master Xie Yong, let’s take a look at the bathroom feng shui.

The mirror is forbidden to face the toilet

Many families will face the mirror directly to the toilet due to the size of the bathroom. This is very taboo in Feng Shui. People are in a state of confusion when they go to the bathroom at night. It is very likely that they will see the mirror in the mirror. I am frightened by myself, in addition to the mirror facing the toilet, it will be harmful to people's health.

Don’t look weird in the mirror

The common mirror shapes in life are square and round. These two shapes are also more suitable for feng shui, but now some young people pursue the trend and install bathroom mirrors into special shapes. Bad luck, it is likely to affect the wealth of the family.

Do not install large mirrors in the bathroom

Mirrors are almost an indispensable standard in the bathroom. Many people think that it is more convenient to put a large mirror in the bathroom, and the whole bathroom will look more empty, but in fact, this method is wrong. Analysis from Fengshui, the mirror has a shade The magnifying glass will contain the yin, especially in a humid and enclosed environment like the bathroom, destroying the balance of yin and yang at home, and easily damage our wealth and career luck.