Put Color Into Your Bathroom

- Jan 22, 2021-

Vanity Model One: Daughter Red 1055L

Summer fresh

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The cabinet body with magenta matte as the main color and solid wood material is surrounded by countless girls. Not only the tone is fresh and energetic, but the overall shape gives people a visually complementary feeling.

The double-pull lockers and open storage walls can store all kinds of items to ensure the adequacy of storage space; the LED smart mirror is equipped with ring fill light, even if the indoor light is insufficient, it can also meet the needs of lighting and illumination. Brighten your beauty!

Vanity Model Two: Apple Green 1655L

Summer vitality

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The main cabinet has a large area of 1600*550*2490, and is equipped with an LED smart mirror with the same length as the cabinet body, which can meet the needs of ordinary families.

The countertop is made of Lauren Gold 8cm hanging rock table, black ink color with irregular texture; the cabinet body is made of Dabao dark green solid wood, and then used with metal tripods to match, whether it is in the overall color beauty or the overall The styling and matching all highlight the extraordinary taste.

Vanity Model Three: Tianfu Magic 1255L

Quiet summer

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The overall color of the bathroom cabinet is dominated by dark malachite green matte, and the metal faucet is matched with a marble countertop. Large and medium-sized storage cabinets, supplemented by racks, are thoughtfully designed with drop-down racks, which are convenient for hanging towels and other items to prevent bacterial growth.

Vanity Model Four: West Lake Pearl 1050L

Cool in summer

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The shape of this bathroom cabinet is different from most bathroom cabinets. From the mirror surface: double-inclined light fills, breaking the conventional shape, and novel in shape; from the cabinet body: the charcoal gray cabinet body matches the small format open storage space Not only want to harmonize the color, but also the cabinet surface of the double-opening locker echoes the diagonal shape of the LED smart mirror.

The elegance of charcoal gray and the sense of futuristic technology in the shape of bathroom cabinets all attract people's attention.

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Do you think it's over here? As a professional manufacturer of bathroom cabinets and mirrors, Feixue Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. will develop many new bathroom cabinet styles every month. Bathroom cabinets of different sizes, colors, and hanging styles are waiting for you to see. Make this 2021 more exciting, use Feixue's new bathroom cabinets to make your summer colorful!