Other Maintenance Of Bathroom Cabinets

- Apr 19, 2019-

In order to extend the life of the table, do not place high temperature objects directly on the table. When placing high-temperature objects, other insulation materials such as brackets with rubber feet and insulation pads should be placed under the objects.

Fourth, bathroom mirror

1. Once the bathroom mirror is installed, please do not move and remove it at will, don't use the object to hit the mirror to avoid crushing and hurting people; the floor-standing bathroom mirror can be moved, but it needs to be completed by many people, and the angle is the same as before moving. Let the child approach or push the floor mirror alone;

2. If the accessories are loose, please adjust or repair them in time to avoid accidents.

Five, water tank

1. Keep the sewers unobstructed and put them in a blocked position. If there is any blockage, be sure to ask the professional company to clear them.

2. The joint between the basin and the countertop should be kept dry. If there is water stain, wipe it with a rag.

3. Pay attention to the service life of hoses, sealing materials and other materials, and replace them in time.

4. Prevent any part of the cabinet from being immersed in water. Frequently check the faucet, basin, or water leakage, when the water runs, run, drip, leak, should be promptly repaired, timely treatment, extend the use of the cabinet. When cleaning, do not rinse directly with water, clean with detergent and a rag.