Introduction Of Other Bathroom Cabinets

- May 23, 2019-

Stainless steel bathroom cabinet:

It is processed by several processes using high-quality stainless steel plates and other materials.

Advantages: Good stainless steel bathroom cabinets have good waterproof performance, durable, environmentally friendly, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, rust-proof, diverse in style and unique in design.

Disadvantages: Due to material limitations, the cabinet is thin and not practical. At the same time, it is easy to leave traces of soap and shampoo. Stainless steel is easy to darken and lose its original brilliance.

Melamine Bathroom Vanity

 Superior oak bathroom cabinet:

With oak as the main substrate, it is treated with waterproof and environmentally-friendly paint. Compared with other artificial boards, the solid wood cabinet emits less formaldehyde, is environmentally friendly, and is more durable.

Advantages: healthy and environmentally friendly, natural and elegant, high-grade and elegant.

Disadvantages: expensive

Solid wood bathroom cabinet:

It is made of solid wood as the main material.

Advantages: The solid wood feels milder, the grade is better, and it can be protected from moisture. The characteristics of solid wood bathroom cabinets are natural, environmentally friendly, revealing the beauty of nature and originality. It is natural and chemically free, and has high ornamental value and plasticity. It can be determined according to the different needs of consumers. This is a healthy fashion choice, which is in line with the psychological needs of modern urban people who admire nature.

Disadvantages: The stability of solid wood depends on the change of water content. Solid wood furniture will be affected by the surrounding environment and change the water content at the factory. The change of water content will lead to deformation and cracking. In addition, when the main body load-bearing portion is produced, if a thin plate, such as a side plate or a frame, is formed, it is relatively easy to be deformed.