How To Choose A Home Bathroom Cabinet

- Mar 26, 2020-

The choice of bathroom decoration bathroom cabinets should be selected according to their own needs, to meet the storage of daily life, as well as waterproof and moisture-proof materials, and finally high value. How should I choose my favorite bathroom cabinet with so many requirements?

The bathroom cabinet should be selected in this way. The floor-standing Tongtong should not be easily affected by moisture. The table legs are also easy to crack, which is definitely troublesome for cleaning. It is more convenient to hang, not only hygienic and easy to take care of, but also put a few pots into it. It is super practical!

The bathroom cabinet can be integrated with a mirror cabinet. Women's various cosmetics can be put in it. You can buy as much as you want, and it is not messy to put in.

The sink to choose is the one-piece ceramic basin, which is particularly convenient to clean up. The stain is clean at the touch of a stain and it is not easy to hide and use. The edge is 30 cm wide, so putting some bottles in it is not a problem.

The choice of cabinet door materials, PVC and solid wood panels are the mainstream in the market today. Plastic panels are waterproof and moisture-proof, rich in color, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant. Fortunately, the cleaning price is cheap. If you like solid wood, you can choose oak. Oak material has high hardness and density, and it is not easy to be deformed by moisture after water and moisture treatment.

If your home's drainage pipe belongs to the wall row method, be sure to choose a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet with a high clearance from the ground without touching the wet floor. If your home is equipped with floor cabinets, the cabinet feet must be made of metal.

Wall space should also be fully utilized. Mirror cabinets, toilet cabinets and drawers, preferably anti-fog glass, to prevent the mirror from fogging after bathing can not see your beauty.

The best way to avoid mildew and mildew in the bathroom cabinet is to make a brick bathroom cabinet. The brick is not only moisture-proof and mildew-proof, but also particularly strong. The shape is also beautiful and can be customized according to your needs.