How To Buy A Makeup Mirror? Every Girl Should Have The Knowledge!

- Oct 19, 2019-

I think the makeup mirror is an essential spare item for every delicate girl who pays attention to the quality of life. However, in the face of many cosmetic mirrors, the types, shapes and materials are different. Which one is the best for us? Although the selection is definitely very big, don't worry, check out this guide to make you the real master of the mirror~

Choose according to your own habits

Going out every day is a must-have for girls, one is to make themselves look better, and to be polite. Therefore, when we choose the makeup mirror, the first thing to consider is whether this make-up mirror is convenient for us to dress up. For example, if you look at its location, size, etc., it will not be convenient for your makeup.

1. First consider the location size

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right makeup mirror, that is its position and size. The position is well understood as the makeup mirror can be moved according to whether the makeup mirror can be roughly divided into two kinds of makeup mirrors fixed on the wall, and a movable mirror that can be moved. Generally speaking, it is more convenient to move.

Of course, if you want to choose a wall-mounted mirror, you should look at the makeup method you are used to. If the makeup is simple and quick, then this mirror is more suitable. Don't get me wrong with this kind of mirror fixed on the wall. This is not the mirror of the bathroom. However, this kind of fixed cosmetic mirror is very unfriendly to myopia. It is very embarrassing to draw an eyeliner. So you can put a small mirror next to the big mirror.

If you like the feeling of a big mirror, you don't want the desktop to be occupied by a mirror. You can consider choosing a foldable style. In short, I think that it is not necessary to choose a makeup mirror too tangled at home, you can try to take it out and carry it easily and not easily damaged.

2. The magnification of the makeup mirror, not the bigger the better

Many people think that in order to make the makeup on the face more delicate, the magnification of our make-up mirror must be as large as possible. In fact, proper magnification can make you see the details and make the makeup more refined. However, excessive amplification is a shock. Because the magnifying glass looks dizzy when you look at it for a long time, and the higher the magnification, the easier it is to feel dizzy. If you like to zoom in a bit, remember that the magnification that is common for makeup is 3X-5X, the 10-15X magnification effect, the little friends have to stay a little longer!

Different material differences

1.Aluminum mirror

The aluminum mirror is also called aluminum-plated mirror, glass mirror, which is made of mirror glass with high-quality float glass plate as the original film, and then processed by washing and polishing, high vacuum metal deposition aluminizing, quick oxygen reaction and so on. Because the aluminum mirror is easy to oxidize due to the aluminum layer, the mirror surface is dark, and the aluminum layer is not tightly bonded to the glass. If the edge seam is not tightly adhered, the moisture will enter from the gap, and the aluminum layer will peel off after entering the water, and the mirror surface is easily deformed. The use time and price of such a mirror is lower than that of a silver mirror.

2.Silver mirror

Silver mirrors are commonly known as waterproof mirrors, mercury mirrors, and so on. Generally, such silver mirrors are widely used in handicrafts, makeup mirrors, optical mirrors, and the like. Generally, its mirror surface is bright, because the mercury density is high, so it is easy to fit tightly with the glass, and it is not easy to enter the water and damp, and it can be used for a long time.

The silver mirror is much clearer than the aluminum mirror, and the reflection angle of the object light source is more standardized. Moreover, the general silver mirror has two or more layers of paint protection, and a part of the protective paint on the surface of the mirror is scraped off. If the bottom layer is copper, it means silver mirror and silver white is aluminum mirror. The silver mirror is dark and bright, and the aluminum mirror is white and bright, and the color is bleached. So we can distinguish from the color, put the two mirrors together, the bright and white is the aluminum mirror.