How Much Do You Know About Bathroom Cabinets?

- Nov 30, 2019-

Do you know how important bathroom cabinets are? Think about it, in fact, everyone's daily life can not be separated from the bathroom. In addition to basic bathing, washing, and convenience, the bathroom also needs to perform laundry and cleaning activities.

In this vital bathroom, if the bathroom cabinet is not easy to use, it is really "bald"!

Let us understand the mystery of it!

Bathroom cabinet size

When choosing a bathroom cabinet, the first issue is to determine the size.

▲ The standard size of common bathroom cabinets on the market: 80-100cm in length and 45-50cm in width. The height of the cabinet (including the basin) is generally 80-85cm.

Bathroom cabinet form

There are two types of common bathroom cabinets, one is a floor-mounted bathroom cabinet that touches the ground and is supported by the ground, and the other is a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet that is suspended at the bottom and supported by the connecting parts with the wall.

1, floor type

▲ Floor-standing bathroom cabinets are free to install, there are no wall restrictions, it is more convenient to carry, and it can store heavy objects.

Correspondingly, the bottom of the cabinet is in contact with the floor, which is susceptible to moisture and the floor is difficult to clean.


▲ The wall-mounted bathroom cabinet is less susceptible to moisture, and the bottom is suspended, which is not easy to have sanitary dead corners, and it is more convenient to clean up.

Attention should be paid to the wall-mounted bathroom cabinet during the installation, it is necessary to choose load-bearing wall or solid wall for installation, otherwise it will be difficult to bear the weight of the cabinet.

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