Bathroom Mirror Function And Installation Method

- Jul 16, 2019-

The water vapor that comes out of the bath in the bathroom always leaves a mist on the mirror, making the mirror useless. Therefore, high-quality bathroom mirrors generally have anti-fog and waterproof functions, and the light refraction is strong.

1, anti-fog

According to the anti-fog principle, the bathroom mirror can be divided into a coating anti-fog mirror and an electric anti-fog mirror.

The coated anti-fog mirror is formed by micropores to prevent the formation of a fog layer, which is safer but more expensive.

The electric anti-fog mirror heats the mirror surface by a heating wire or an electric heating film to achieve an anti-fog effect. The electric anti-fog is more primitive, and it requires more space from the main, the power supply, and the opposite side of the mirror, but it is cheaper.

2, waterproof

In addition to choosing a bath mirror, you should choose not only the anti-fog type bath mirror, but also the waterproofness of the bath mirror. The general waterproof bath mirror is coated with special waterproof material on the back. The installation of this bath mirror in the bathroom will effectively prevent the occurrence of mold, cracks and even the entire mirror surface in the gap on the back of the bathroom mirror. It is bound to cause no small security risks and should be treated with caution.) The high-quality electric anti-fog mirror should be integrated with anti-fog, waterproof mirror and safety mirror. Even if it is immersed in water, there is no leakage. When purchasing, the homeowner must pay attention to its waterproof safety. It is best to make it waterproof before buying. Don't just look cheap or look good, but buy a poor quality and unsafe bathroom mirror.

3, rust prevention

Regarding anti-fog bathroom mirrors, chemical anti-fogging coatings are generally used, and the effect is limited. The mirror anti-fog is the same as the fog of the car glass.

A wind blow is required, and there is a heating device behind the real anti-fog mirror, so that the mirror has heat to evaporate the water vapor. If it is a normal mirror, use a hard soap to rub it on the surface of the mirror, then wipe it with a dry rag to form a protective film, which can also act as a temporary anti-fog.

If you want to be beautiful, you must have a good light, and the mirror headlights or the lights on the side of the mirror are necessary.

When installing, you can use expansion bolts. Pay attention to the type of tiles when punching. If it is all-ceramic, use rhinestones and hit them a little bit. Otherwise, it is very easy to crack. If using glass glue, do not use acid glass glue, you should choose neutral glue, acid glass glue will usually react with the material on the back of the mirror, causing specular mottle. Before applying the glue, it is best to do a compatibility test to see if the glue is compatible with the material. The special mirror glue works best.

In the bathroom, you usually stand in the mirror. The bathroom mirror should be at least 135 cm away from the ground. If the height difference between family members is relatively large, you can adjust it up and down. Try to make your face in the middle of the mirror, so the imaging effect is better. It is best to choose a borderless style, because the bathroom is often in a damp state, and the frame materials such as wood and leather are prone to change over a long period of time.