Bathroom Cabinets

- Mar 26, 2020-

Do you know how important bathroom cabinets are? Think about it, in fact, everyone's daily life can not be separated from the bathroom. In addition to basic bathing, washing, and convenience, the bathroom also needs to perform laundry and cleaning activities.

Bathroom cabinet size

When choosing a bathroom cabinet, the first problem is to determine the size.

▲ The standard size of common bathroom cabinets on the market: 80-100cm in length and 45-50cm in width. The height of the cabinet (including the basin) is generally 80-85cm.

Bathroom cabinet form

Common bathroom cabinets come in two forms, one is a floor-mounted bathroom cabinet with the bottom touching the ground and supported by the ground, and the other is a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet suspended from the bottom and supported by the connecting parts with the wall.

1, floor type

▲ Floor-mounted bathroom cabinets are free to install, there are no wall restrictions, it is more convenient to carry, and it can store heavy objects.

Correspondingly, the bottom of the cabinet is in contact with the ground, which is susceptible to moisture and the ground is difficult to clean.


▲ The wall-mounted bathroom cabinet is less susceptible to moisture, and the bottom is suspended, which is not easy to have sanitary dead corners, and it is more convenient to clean up.

Pay attention to the wall-mounted bathroom cabinet during the installation, it is necessary to choose load-bearing wall or solid wall for installation, otherwise it will be difficult to bear the weight of the cabinet.

Bathroom cabinet material

The bathroom is a place that deals with water all the year round. Wetness is unavoidable, and there are many particulars in the choice of bathroom cabinet materials.


▲ PVC bathroom cabinet is made of polyvinyl chloride as raw material, with strong waterproof performance and durable. pvc material is rich in color and style, and the price is relatively cheap.

However, the PVC material made of chemical board contains more harmful substances, and it is easy to emit toxicity when exposed to high temperature. Families with the elderly, pregnant women, and children should choose carefully.

2.Solid wood

▲ The solid wood bathroom cabinet uses solid wood as the base material, the texture is natural, the value is online, and the price is relatively high.

However, solid wood furniture is susceptible to moisture. Be sure to know its moisture content before leaving the factory (national standard 3.0% ~ 10%), and pay attention to daily maintenance during use.

3. Sheet veneer

▲ Panel-covered bathroom cabinets generally use particle boards, multilayer boards, etc. as the base material, and then use solid wood boards as a whole to paste. Finally, the surface is painted with waterproof paint, which is affordable and suitable for families with less budget.

However, there is also a risk of cracks in the sheet skin. If the bonding process or the bonding material is not close, it will easily affect the waterproof effect.

4.Stainless steel

▲ Stainless steel bathroom cabinet is made of high-quality stainless steel plate, which is wear-resistant, moisture-proof, and not easy to produce formaldehyde, which is very environmentally friendly.

However, stainless steel is easy to leave water stains, which has high requirements for daily cleaning and maintenance.

Bathroom cabinet structure

There are also many differences in the structure of bathroom cabinets. This choice depends on your preferences and habits ~

1.Fully enclosed

▲ Fully enclosed bathroom cabinet, needless to say the strong storage capacity, in addition, the waterproof performance is also strong.


▲ The semi-open structure is very convenient to use, and commonly used items can be picked at will. However, you should pay more attention to the usual storage, otherwise you will expose the "ugly"!

3.Open style

▲ The open style bathroom cabinet is simple and chic, with a super high value, which is the choice of many young people today.