Bathroom Cabinet With Wheels

- May 13, 2019-

The wheeled cabinet looks more like a piece of furniture in a study or bedroom, and its flexible mobility makes it easy for users to place it anywhere in the bathroom. The solid wood dark, all-round bathroom cabinet makes it more like a simple and comfortable living room.


Wall-mounted bathroom cabinet

Mainly hanging according to the wall, there are open parts, placed with commonly used objects, and closed drawers, which can be placed in a place that is easy to get wet, small and practical.


The entire bathroom is made up of glass and steel. It is simple and clear, and the curved glass is open, so that the washing products in the house are as honorable as the merchandise display. The turnover cabinet occupies a small area, the center axis can be rotated 180 degrees, and the top is also illuminated by the ceiling lamp, which is both aesthetic and practical.


The mirror, the hanging cabinet, the washstand, the light and the half body cabinet and the high cabinet of the storage are integrated into one body, and the items are naturally divided according to the size.

Hanging foot

This is one of the popular bath cabinets. Generally, it will choose wall-mounted and metal feet. This design can effectively and effectively isolate the ground moisture from attacking the cabinet.


Suitable for single owners and rented apartments, it is simple in style, small in size, easy to care for, storage, washing and lighting functions are all available.


Equipped with adjustable feet, the adjustment knob is designed under the cabinet to adjust the height of the feet freely and conveniently, ensuring the balance of the washstand no matter where it is.

The overall decoration of the bathroom should be neat and elegant, with outstanding personality, and the correct choice of the bathroom cabinet is essential. As a furniture in the bathroom, the bathroom cabinet has the essential function of storage. It puts a variety of detergents, especially a wide range of women's cosmetics, in a different order, making this space orderly. Today's bath cabinets are available in a variety of materials, styles and styles, and the colors are dazzling. Users must match the overall design of the bathroom before purchase.