Bathroom Cabinet Substrate

- Apr 05, 2019-

Particle board

Most commonly used in some cheap computer desks and furniture and kitchen utensils, the cost is low, processed by the waste of woodworking processing, the water absorption rate is extremely high, from the opening and the interface, the edge of the board can be identified. Manufacturers often use the simulation of paper, veneer, plastic skin, the edges are covered with other materials, and then processed with various colors. Bad manufacturers and distributors often use solid products as such products based on their false appearance and based on the buyer's incomprehension of raw materials.


It is more common in some low-priced or medium-high-priced wooden furniture. Because it is made of solid wood and different wood species, the price is different. The pressure resistance is very different depending on the wood species and the production process. The surface paint is not well done, and the sun and moisture will crack.


More common in some ordinary computer desks and office furniture, home furniture, used for indoor booth display rack decoration, waterproof and moisture-proof is not ideal. It is easy to expand and crack and cannot be used in the humid environment of water in the bathroom. However, some unscrupulous manufacturers and dealers often use the MDF products with veneer to impersonate the wood to deceive consumers.