Bathroom Cabinet Production Process

- May 06, 2019-

1, Pick:

Observe the color and age of the wood with the naked eye. According to the number of the bathroom cabinets, select the appropriate materials for different parts of use. The general appearance is neat, the color is beautiful and consistent, and the surface part of the cabinet is used to make the surface of the cabinet slightly. The nodes must be treated with a special process (such as the part of the node to be filled with professional filling material before it can be used for the manufacture of the bathroom cabinet). Use the back of the cabinet or other inconspicuous parts; if it is found to be deteriorated, deformed or infected The condition of the cockroach is discarded and used to ensure the consistency of the quality of the bathroom cabinet.

2, Cut:

According to the professional production work book (customized products according to the specially drawn drawings), according to the specific touch tool, the required materials of different parts are opened into different sizes.

3, Grinding:

Grinding the opened wood to remove burrs and residual bark and scratches on the surface, the procedure will be repeated several times during the production process.

4, Drilling:

Use professional precision bench drills and other professional tools to pre-drill the structural mounting holes of the wood. The secondary process has been professionally designed to ensure that no mounting holes are visible on the surface of the installed bathroom cabinet.

5, Fight;

The imported raw materials are generally about 1000*60*20MM. The side plates, door panels and bottom plates of the bathroom cabinets must be processed by “spelling”. The jigsaw is a process that pays more attention to craftsmanship and precision. First, the selected and polished wood of the same size will be prevented from being placed in a specific mold, and the rubber sheet will be applied to the parts to be spliced, and then pressed and fixed from the periphery and the upper and lower sides with a professional jig for 24 hours. At the same time, in the process of spelling, there is a large surface, such as the bottom plate, which will be calculated and grooved by professional engineers according to the area of force and expansion and contraction coefficient to prevent deformation of the cabinet in the future use (principle: seam of rail and Slotting on the cement road).