Bathroom Cabinet Materials And Other Introductions

- May 15, 2019-

1, Material

It is important to choose a material (including facestock and substrate) when purchasing a cabinet. The cabinet surface is roughly divided into natural stone, artificial stone, fireproof board, painted board, glass, metal and solid wood. Some bath cabinets of regular manufacturers in the building materials market are all-in-one ceramic washbasin cabinets, and the cabinet materials are made of pure solid wood or molded moisture-proof panels. These products have many advantages, including scratch resistance and no spots; they will not crack due to sudden changes in water temperature; the glaze is smooth and easy to clean; the moisture-proof panel is not easily deformed in a humid environment, and is resistant to moisture and cracks; The high-grade molded surface treatment of the cabinet will not change color due to the long-term; the high-quality imported hinges, slide rails and other hardware make the cabinet more durable.

2, Combined form

According to the installation form, the bathroom furniture mainly has two types: floor type and wall type. The floor-standing type is suitable for modern bathroom with dry and wet separation and large space. The biggest advantage of wall-mounted design is that it saves space, is easy to care, and removes the sanitary corner. It provides a reasonable space division by setting a plurality of elements such as a shelf, a locker, and a floor cabinet, thereby effectively increasing the storage function of the bathroom furniture, and also making the functions of washing, makeup, and dressing more distinct.

3, Color and match

The color of the bathroom cabinet is more varied, and the light color bathroom cabinet is still the mainstream. The pure white bathroom cabinets create an elegant and clean bathroom that is both beautiful and comfortable, with a touch of comfort and calm. The entire palette is seamless with the whiteness of the ceramic washbasin. Elegant colors make you feel like you are in a quiet world. After a lot of life, you can enjoy the freshness of nature when you enter this space, and you will feel at ease. In addition, the use of a translucent mirror gives you a cool feeling.