Bathroom Cabinet Dry Goods

- Jan 04, 2020-

When choosing a bathroom cabinet, you must first determine the size suitable for your home. The most common standard sizes are 80cm-100cm in length and 45cm-50cm in width (wall distance). The height of the main cabinet of a normal general bathroom cabinet is 80-85cm (including the height of the basin). In addition to the commonly used sizes, for larger bathrooms, if you want a larger bathroom cabinet, the length can reach 120cm-180cm.

Determine the size, and then determine the style of the bathroom cabinet according to the decoration style.

Finished bathroom cabinet

General bathroom brands have finished bathroom cabinets. The overall appearance is beautiful, the styles are diverse, and the selection is convenient. Those who don't like to worry can consider buying finished bathroom cabinets directly. Note that the selection of materials, colors and shapes must be coordinated with other facilities in the bathroom and consistent with the overall style of the room.

Custom bathroom cabinet

Nowadays, the trend of overall customization is prevailing. Many people will customize the bathroom cabinet together when customizing furniture. Customization can make full use of the bathroom space and customize according to the size of your home. The style, texture and color of the cabinet can be completely matched with other furniture.

Floor-mounted bathroom cabinet

Floor-standing bathroom cabinet: The bottom touches the floor and is supported by the floor.

Advantages of floor-standing bathroom cabinet:

1. There are no wall restrictions for installation and easy transportation.

2. Convenient storage and storage, larger storage space, can store heavy objects.

Disadvantages of floor-standing bathroom cabinet:

1. The bottom is in contact with the ground and is prone to moisture. The bathroom needs to be separated from wet and dry.

2. Occupying space, it will appear crowded and bulky for smaller bathrooms.

3. Sanitation is not easy to clean, and the bottom is difficult to clean.

Wall-mounted bathroom cabinet

Wall-mounted bathroom cabinet: The bottom is suspended and supported by the connecting parts with the wall.

Advantages of wall-mounted bath cabinet:

1. There is a floating position to allow the wet water on the ground to diffuse, which is more suitable for bathrooms without wet and dry separation.

2. It is not easy to have sanitary dead corners when suspended at the bottom, and it is easier to clean.

3. The wall-mounted bathroom cabinet is more concise and neat, and it will not appear crowded in a small bathroom.

Disadvantages of the wall-mounted bath cabinet:

1. Load-bearing walls or solid walls need to be used to install bathroom cabinets, otherwise they cannot support the weight of bathroom cabinets and are not suitable for placing heavy items.

2. The wall-mounted bathroom cabinet is located at a high place, and the storage space is limited.

3. Need to take into account drainage issues. It is better to choose a wall row, which is more beautiful.