Bathroom Cabinet Design

24 / 32 / 40 / 48 inchs bathroom cabinet design.
the material is all 15 mm thickness PVC board.
with LED mirror, marble countain top, ceramic basin.
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Product Details

bathroom cabinet design

Mirror:5mm silver mirror with LED

basin: marble countain top with ceramic basin

thickness: all 15mm thichness PVC board

size: 600mm,800mm,900mm,1200mm, if you need more size,please send contact us

WV229 48inch bathroom cabinet

cabinet vanity details

grey bathroom vanity

The paint process of the bathroom cabinet is:

The first step: according to the roughness and rigidity of the bathroom cabinet material surface, choose the sandpaper of the same type for polishing

The second step: brush the primer, adjust the consistency of the primer according to the density of the wood, the density of the hardwood is high, the paint can be diluted, and the cork should be adjusted to be thicker. When painting, you should paint evenly along the texture of the wood, and avoid excessive thickness. After completely drying, sand with sandpaper until it feels smooth and free of protrusions. Wipe it several times with a soft damp cloth and finally dry.

The third step: brush the second pass of paint, covering the first pass of paint, and then use water sandpaper to polish gently and evenly in the direction of painting.

Step 4: Brush the paint a third time. After brushing, use a finer water sandpaper dipped in water to polish it.(many manufacturer maybe produce bathroom cabinet without this step)

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