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A chinese hotel bathroom cabinet 60 inch modern used european market
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Hotel bathroom cabinet procurement

First, choose the material

In general, the most important thing for custom-made bathroom furniture is to work hard on the selection of materials. Because of different regional environments and different climatic factors, customers' purchase needs are different. The bathroom cabinet is originally decorated in a place with a lot of water. Therefore, when customizing the bathroom cabinet plate, we must pay attention to the moisture resistance of the material, so as not to be damaged before long.

Choose style

The style of custom bathroom cabinets is mainly based on the style of home furnishings, so that the concealment does not feel inconsistent, and sometimes, the customized furniture can be more eye-catching, not only beautiful, but also better overall. Also, when customizing bathroom cabinets, the size of bathroom cabinets is also very important. The standard dimensions of general bathroom cabinets are 1000mm / 1200mm / 1500mm in length and 470mm / 500mm / 520mm in width. Because the size of the bathroom is almost the same, the bathroom cabinet can also be adjusted according to its own requirements.

Third, choose accessories

General furniture is made up of many accessories. Without the cooperation and organization of these accessories, these furniture cannot play any role at all. It can even be said that such a push of wood is waste material. Therefore, when customizing furniture, pay attention to the quality assurance of some hardware accessories when choosing accessories. For custom-made bathroom cabinets, the general accessories are some hardware accessories. For example, the bathroom cabinet door is supported by hinges, as well as handles, hinges, etc., you need to choose a good quality to prevent some quality problems.

Fourth, choose quality

This is the last issue that needs attention when customizing bathroom cabinets. Because there are many general furniture brands nowadays, customers pay great attention to the brand when buying furniture. If you make custom furniture, you must pay more attention to this problem, because custom furniture is to choose a good manufacturer to customize your favorite style If you do n’t choose a reputable custom-made manufacturer, then the custom-made furniture will not be guaranteed in terms of quality. Naturally, it is not the furniture you want. Therefore, when customizing bathroom cabinets, choosing quality is also critical, which determines the quality of its bathroom cabinets.